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A Matter of Trust: Vulnerability in an Online Prayer Group

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Remember that time Jesus said something about being kind to “the least of these brothers and sisters”? I often feel that’s what the ladies in the Transformational Fiction online prayer group did for this sister when they took me in!

I was flattered when Elizabeth Musser invited me to be part of the online writers’ prayer group she was forming, but not stunned—not at first.  She’s been a friend, a mentor, and my head writing cheerleader for years. But when I found out the names and accomplishments of not only Elizabeth, but everyone else in the group, that’s when genuine amazement set in.

These ladies are power houses of Christian writing and publishing—best sellers, award-winning (including lots of Christys), with loads of books published and contracts for the future. And then there’s me. An indie author with two novels out there.

Robin Grant, Elizabeth Musser, Susan Meissner, Sharon Garlough Brown, Deborah Raney, and Lynn Austin.

When we meet together, we generally talk about what’s going on in our lives in general and our writing lives in particular. Then we pray for one another and make a commitment to continue praying during the month, until we meet online again.

I’ve been in face to face prayer groups in a wide variety of denominations and settings.  When people meet together to talk about prayer needs—for themselves, for loved ones, for colleagues or church friends—there are pitfalls.  Some groups encourage a little too much sharing that can slip into gossip, or long therapy sessions where the focus is mostly on self. Others encourage so much “faith” and decorum that a lot of needs go unspoken. A lot of big smiles cover up hurting hearts.

Doing a prayer group the right way requires trust. You need to be able to trust the others not to divulge sensitive things you’ve told them, but also trust they won’t look down on you if, say, their prayer need is to be able to meet that three-book contract deadline, and yours is that you haven’t been able to write at all for weeks because of your caregiving responsibilities and full-time day job.

When you share prayer requests about your life, you make yourself vulnerable. You have to, or there’s not much point in being there. You naturally have to share your insecurities, your needs and concerns—or projects that aren’t quite going the way you’d hoped. That’s true of any prayer group, but it really gets interesting when a group who are in the same profession—who theoretically are business competitors—get together to pray about their writing issues.

Think about that for a minute. Can you picture Microsoft and Google and Apple execs sitting down and talking about their plans for their companies, their missteps, their fears? Trusting one another not to use that inside info against them? One admitting they need guidance while another’s new techie gadget is selling like hotcakes?

When Elizabeth started the group, her vision wasn’t so much to bring together a group of her friends for therapy and blessings, although we get that too, but to help us all grow closer to Jesus. To learn more and be better able to discern his will for our writing and use it to his glory. Tapping in to that vision, I think, helps us with the trust and selfishness issues.

I only knew one of these ladies before we started meeting together, but I can honestly say I have learned to trust them. I think I’ve earned their trust, as well. And that is an honor, indeed.

How about you? Have you participated in a prayer group, online or otherwise? Did you have any problems making yourself vulnerable or trusting the other members? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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