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Readers Submit Photos: Reading Summer’s Winter


Readers submit photos of Christian romantic suspense.
Summer’s Winter at the beach!

ust got this fabulous photo from Pat K., a reader who has passed Summer’s Winter along to her friend, Doreen. Now Doreen is reading it on the beach and says she’s enjoying it. I love it when readers share with me!

Earlier, another reader named Fran sent this pic of her granddaughters, who were about to take Summer’s Winter to the beach.

YA readers taking Summer's Winter on vacation.
Young adult readers! Yes!

Keep reading and keep sharing, folks!


Moving an Author / Librarian / Fan Girl’s Office Isn’t Easy!

Fandon Display

I was just offered the chance to move into a different office. It’s actually right next door to my old office, and is pretty much exactly the same except for one thing–it has a window!

Only that little rectangle of glass with a view of trees and sky could possibly make me start packing all the junk–I mean, incredibly important business materials–I’ve collected over the past nine years.

2014-06-19 18.34.25

When you’re a fan girl of a certain age, you tend to collect a lot of silly  but fun things. If you don’t buy them for yourself, someone gives them to you.

Darth Vader cuts off Luke's hand.

The Luke and Vader figures were a gift. They were set up on the shelf in a life-like fight pose. Then one day, Luke was like this. I’m assuming he was knocked off the shelf by someone cleaning. If not, Vader did it again!
2014-07-02 17.13.18

And of course, you can see my multi-fandom quilt on the wall. Moving this will involve getting Hubby back to the office with his power drill, but I’ve got to have my quilt!

And then there’s my collection of miniatures (see top photo).  Most people buy t-shirts if they go to Orlando. I bought a Minion and Disney characters dressed as Star Wars figures.

2014-06-19 18.32.14

I particularly like the back of the duck (Huey, Dewey, or Louie, not sure which).

2014-06-19 18.31.07

Had to have a space in the Jawa robe for his tail!

I’m trying to decide whether to keep the new office a little more professional and elegant, or just go into full Nerd mode, as usual.

Fortunately, I work at a very nerd-friendly place. My Library has a life-size Yoda as a sort of mascot! Right now he’s in a display for summer beach reads:

2014-07-02 17.15.53My Library is even good at Yoda speak!

2014-07-02 17.16.04