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Just released: Jordan’s Shadow!

A mystery spanning two generations. A mind-bending journey to solve it…

In 1984, seventeen-year-old Rose and her fiancé discover an injured girl with no memory. The girl, Jordan, is in Rose’s life for a brief time but leaves her world shattered. Twenty-five years later, Rose sees with horror that as her daughter Ginny grows up, she grows more and more like Jordan, the girl who’s been dead many years. Is Rose insane? Is there a ghost in her house? Or is the demon in Rose’s past, forcing her to confront what happened on that horrible day in 1984 when Jordan died?

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Summer’s Winter is a love story wrapped in a mystery, about a preacher's daughter named Jeanine and her obsession with movie star Jamie. At the age of ten, Jeanine believed that God Himself whispered to her in a dark movie theater and promised that the young star would someday be a part of her life. So began an eleven-year test of faith as Jeanine waited for her knight to arrive and rescue her from boring middle Georgia. And then, just as she’s graduating college and about to settle into the dreary nine-to-five life that stretches ahead of her, Jamie bursts into her life in an amazing way. He even seems to be falling for her, just as she’d dreamed. Trouble is, loving Jamie is nothing like she expected. Instead of carrying her away on a white charger, he’s hiding out in Georgia following the suspicious death of his former girlfriend. Jeanine longs to prove his innocence and get at the truth. Unless she can, Jamie’s dark secrets may shatter her faith—and her life.
Summer’s Winter is a love story wrapped in a mystery, about a preacher’s daughter named Jeanine and her obsession with movie star Jamie.

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In Grant’s debut novel, a young woman’s fascination with a Hollywood star affects her life in ways she never could have imagined…This complex story is told in lush, heated prose (“Heaven is as tangible as the taste of a juicy peach on a hot day, as easy and close as stepping out the school door and into another world at recess”), with a clear underpinning of Christian ethics… A passionate, well-wrought mystery by a Christian novelist to watch. ~Kirkus Reviews

Robin Johns Grant’s Summer’s Winter is the most inventive take on fan fiction I can imagine — because it’s a romance-thriller about fandoms, especially if not explicitly the Harry Potter fandom, and explores the important intersection of literature, spirituality, and imagination. Delightful! ~John Granger, the HogwartsProfessor, author of The Deathly Hallows Lectures

The twists and turns in Summer’s Winter kept me reading into the night…I couldn’t wait to reach the end! Robin Johns Grant’s Summer’s Winter is a heartwarming read in which good and evil collide. I loved it! ~Nancy Grace, HLN host and author of The Eleventh Victim

Part murder mystery, part Hollywood dream-world and part thought-provoking Southern lit, Summer’s Winter takes the reader on a romantic ride, filled with movie-star moments that plummet into hair-raising hairpin twists and turns. Jeanine and Jamie’s relationship crackles with sparring, spirituality and suspense, leading to an ending worthy of your favorite Hollywood finale. ~Elizabeth Musser, author of The Swan House and The Sweetest Thing




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  1. Dear Ms. Grant – I was delighted to read and re-read your wonderful book over the weekend. I am a 54 year old lawyer and know maybe I’m not your target audience, but was introduced to you on Hogwarts Professor. I wish I had read a book like this when I was in my 20s. I loved the way you made Jeanine be her own person, even though sometimes she experienced doubt in doing so. This is a truly inspiring message and I thank you for sharing it. I want to take some time to look through your website as the “tags” look like we have the same interests. Take care and thanks again for sharing this story with us. I look forward to more of your work.

    1. Arlene, thank you for making my day! When I’m fretting over sales, this is the kind of thing that reminds me of the joy of writing–sharing with people who “get it” and hopefully bringing them some joy! Please do keep in touch. (And if you feel like it, leave a rating on Amazon or Goodreads. Those ratings are an indie author’s lifeblood!)

      Thanks again!

      1. Hi Ms. Grant – I will leave a review on Amazon and thank you for your reply. I was trying to get through to your “contact me” but couldn’t get the information in correctly – I think a website thing. At any rate, I’m so glad that you were pleased with my comment – I truly meant it and thank you for sharing your talent. Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward more of your stories. Take care!!!

        1. Arlene, now I’m also grateful you mentioned the problem with the contact page! I did some changing of the website design last week and apparently the contact form was lost in the process. I believe I have it fixed now, so hopefully it will work for you in future. Thank you so much for leaving the review! It means a great deal and will be a huge help!

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