Snowed-in: Cozy or Creepy?

2014-01-29 12.52.49A few years ago, I wrote a blog post called “Snow is Creepy.”  My husband was out of the country and we had one of those rare Georgia snows that traps us all in our houses and brings everything to a halt, and it made me a little nervous. One of my frequent commenters laughed at me and said I had a vivid imagination, but as I pointed out, I’ve read horror novels that start that way. Anyone ever read The Shining? (Granted, we probably had a half-inch accumulation, but still. It’s Georgia.)

Starting three or four days ago, we started having such dire warnings of the coming snow and ice storm that everyone started calling it Snowmageddon. I, naturally, immediately started stressing. What if I get stuck at work? Or on the road? What if my elderly mother needs me? She and my sister are across town, out in the country. What if their electricity and water goes out and they need help and I can’t get to them? I’m the one who usually keeps Pete the Pit in my house when it’s cold, but what if the icy roads mean I can’t take him back and forth?

And so on, and so on.

God must be shaking his head at me. So far, what he has given me is a day and a half of snow days, with my electricity still on. Yay! He’s given me the time to work on my book marketing–and relax and destress a little–just like I’ve been praying for. He even gave me the lovely little gift of having the rest of Season 4 of Downton Abbey being released on Amazon Instant Video on this exact day! And did I mention the electricity is still on so I can watch it?

So far, Mom and Sis and Pete the Pit are okay, too. I think he was out early playing in the snow this morning.

Sometimes I wish I could manage to relax and trust BEFORE the snowstorm, instead of after.

I’m sure God would like that better, too.

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